To Video Edit or not…

Teaching in the virtual world resumes on Monday and as you know I’ve been trying to find ways to get round the need to explain Macbeth to Year 10 without being in the same room, compromising GDPR and other such minefields.

Thanks to a media savvy teaching friend of mine, I found a lovely piece of software and after much pressing of buttons in  the style of the Second Doctor, and exclaimations like “Hai” “Alonzeee” and “Be kind!” managed to get it to work. Fab. But it was rough around the edges – I’m a perfectionist of sorts – and I just wanted smoother starts and finishes to my sessions than I seem to be able to achieve with this software at the moment. So the hunt went on to find a piece of editing software that would do the trick and keep my “perfection” in line.

I found it, did what I wanted; rendered and found that despite having taken about 20 seconds of clicking and faffing off in total, the file size increased like entropy. Huh?!

Paging Doctor Google! But instead of the internet being my saviour, I got confused. I tried saving in other formats – WAV, AVI, etc. No, whatever I tried file size increased as did upload time.

However, I shall not give up. This is only the beginning. I will prepare, I will get the hang of this software and  rest assured when that happens I will take my “rightful place as the supreme power of the universe” as Terry Nation had the Daleks once say!*

*sort of and much better.