An Unhelpful Wednesday Day

Ever had a day when try your best, the technology both human and machine deserts you?

Today in the Apocalypse that happened. Not in the big ways but in small accumulations that cause groans of despair rather outright temper tantrums.

Slow Internet began the day, or rather it ended the night before. I had a file to put into Teams. The first chapter of the book we’re doing with year 9 after half term. I’m doing the audio. It wouldn’t load: four times I tried only to get that awful message: file failed.as I tried the last time I heard Macbeth’s brindled cat, Spot, mew as it was put out for the night.  I renamed the file (in my head for I  am professional) bas***d but that didn’t help.

Sodding thing went up before 9am though with a speed that proved me a liar.

The usual idiocy of my weekly management meeting ensued later. After 4 attempts by phone, we moved to zoom. The boss’ PC overheated, so did his phone. I ended up typing the minutes as he vanished into a red mist.

Half way through the call my phone died. I had notes on that phone. I had to rely on my brain. Not good.

By this point the boss was cursing. We wrapped the meeting up. I like to imagine as I made coffee and found my charger cable, he threw his PC at the wall.

By lunchtime, the boat was airless – even with the double hatch-window open. My laptop warmed up. I took 3 windows out. The laptop decided to heat rash my knees as if to show solidarity with the boss and his pc. I searched ebay for “cooling gel pads for computers” and decided the dog would make short shrift of its destruction.

I had lunch.

After lunch I fought our platform for work for lower school, answered emails and reheated my knees. I put the pc on a tray.  It kept knocking the power supply out. I made another coffee and surfed my phone for info on London PeaSoupers for Year 9s creative work to accompany Woman in Black.

I made a complete pig’s ear of chapter 6 of the Chrysalids but ploughed on, knowing the edit would remove my sanity but  hell I’m a teacher, I don’t have much of that commodity to start with.

Only for the editing software not to like the file Chrysalids chapter 6 saved itself as.

I battled for half an hour to no avail, so gave up. Tried to record the audio for the second chapter of Woman but got so tongue twisted, I decided to leave that for another day as well.

I have two zoom calls one at either end of Thursday to look forward to.

Oh joy! Oh bliss!!