An open letter to my current WIP*

*work in progress

Dear WIP

First let me start by saying it is a pleasure to meet you. You have been a long time coming and at times I thought you’d never turn up. You have been a challenge and a joy and the bit you revealed of yourself today, although rough around the edges, is actually rather fun.

However, you and I still have a long way to go. There are a lot of unanswered questions and scenes missing, and some of your characters are a little… OK if we’re being honest more than a little… one dimensional. Although I do like Beryl.

I also need you to level with me re the howdunnit because I was convinced Ammut was mechanical until the chapter in The Natural History Museum.

Still, I suppose that too can wait for the next draft.

And, it’s no good you suggesting solutions just right now. I told you this afternoon we needed a break.

Now please don’t go all huffy and teary on me. You know it’s for the best and in the long term, you will be a better novel for it.

Besides you did the same to me a couple of months ago. Except, you left without a word. Stopped talking. Ignored my attempts to contact you and get you back until you were good and ready to continue the relationship.

But I bear no grudges for your actions… Now! At the time they hurt. Actually, your disregard wounded me deeply to the point I thought I’d never see you again.

But when you came back to me, we worked through our differences and at 49,067 we have achieved a minor miracle in these apocalyptical times. I have friends who are not so lucky with their WIP.

Trust in any kind of relationship is important, we both know that. You trust me to tell the world your story. I trust you to give me all the bits I need to do you justice. So, I am going to level with you.

In the coming days you may hear about me working on a new idea. Don’t panic! I’m not leaving you. I just need to explore a story for when you are spreading your wings with the editor. When you have eyes other than mine reading your words, deliberating on your structure. For that point when I question whether what we did together was right.

So, until we meet again, enjoy the rest, dearest WIP.

And remember, at the moment I am proud of you.