Show me my photos

(This is a Google prompt inspired piece written by predictive text. Enjoy. Or not.)

Happy New year and thanks for all the work you have done. I’m currently working on the project and I have just finished my PhD thesis with a couple of other locations.

The first chapter is very often a little past midnight, when the first one is available for a couple of weeks or two.

And then there is the front page of the decade to get my hair down and the rest on the Christmas tree will be a little past midnight.

Nothing to worry about though I think it’s just the graphic and the one shiny thing that you hope to live through before you can download them from the brink and stop them from doing this year.

You can also use the following information to help you to use the software from your computer. The information you need to make sure you have access to your 30 year old self what do you expect it to be?

I am awake now but still I don’t want to bake banana bread and milk bread and chicken soup for the last few days but then again I’m a bit worried about the cast list and the one shiny new thing that will be like the Lloyd George’s on Sunday evening.

(Which if you think about it, are words best fitted to the witching hour! See you next time.)