My Arthur Dent Life

Since this Lockdown life began, like most people I have had good days and bad days. Days when the technology works, days when it does not. Hours of frustration, moments of amazing joy that I am still making a difference.

In the old normal, Wednesday was the hump day. The one we all slogged our way to, climbed up, slid down and from there rolled to the weekend.

Now I find Thursday is the hump. I despise it with a passion. If it follows a difficult* Wednesday, it seems expediently worse.

The momentary Internet failure that I can deal with earlier in the week, becomes an intolerable impediment. A child’s attempt to flammary me with: “I’ve read the chapter” / “cant open the file” /”don’t know what you mean by write a paragraph”, causes a red mist of biblical proportions.

Everything is blown out of all context and reason. I huff. I puff. I blow the house down.

I know I should turn my week on its head. I went on a phenomenal course on pandemic trauma. I made contact with several students who are struggling with work/life balance and we had a good chat. I had a zoom meeting with someone I’ve not seen since lockdown… And it was good to laugh with them. I had three departmental meetings and we got stuff done.

All this I know. And yet as the end, although in sight, stretches still further away; it becomes all too easy to rail against technology. Forget it was my decision to live on a boat in the middle of technological nowhere.

I live the consequences of my decisions. And I need to remind myself I am lucky to have family and friends around me. I am lucky to be a disembodied voice in a meeting because, at least I’m in a meeting. I’m in a job.

I am not fighting for my life, my right to exist; put food on the table. I have a roof over my head and I know I am doing my best.

If my biggest issue is the vagaries of a dodgy Internet connection then I need to take stock and be less wingey

And so I shall…

Until the next kid plays me for a fool and I kick myself off the Internet in a rage and can’t get back on.