The dawn chorus is hard at it again this morning. Songbirds tweeting their joy as the sunrises over yet another day of this 2020 apocalypse. It’s the same every morning; except it isn’t. Yesterday was different. Over the top of the song birds ode to joy came a plaintive cry.

“Bob!Bob!Bob!” I’d never heard it before. Its not there today.

“Bob! Bob! Bob!”

There was nothing Rowen Atkinson about the word. It was a harsh baritone so at odds with the rest of them greeting the new day.

“Bob! Bob!Bob!”

I was all for getting out of bed and giving the bird a hand to find his missing mate.

When a wood pigeon came up for air. Stopping me mid rescue mission. “He hates youuu!”

I felt that was a bit harsh.

“He hates youuu!”

I said so.

Another bird joined in.

“Why Bill?”

It was a good question. One the wood pigeon didn’t answer. Just carried on with: “He hates youuu!”

At this point I didn’t know if the pigeon was called Bill, or Bird number three was questioning an unknown fourth. I just knew somebody, possibly Bill, possibly the missing Bob, (the seeker of whom had gone remarkably silent, through guilt maybe?) “hates youuu!” And wood pigeon was determined to get the message across.

The exchange between “Why Bill?” and the wood pigeon carried on for years? Hours ? Certainly longer than a minute. The other birds fell silent. Like me, listening to the exchange. Enjoying the drama. But eventually wood pigeon tired of his taunting and retired from the fray. “Why Bill?” Searched for one last answer and gave up.

Silence fell. Peace arrived.

It was bliss… until a: “Bob!Bob!Bob!” Still harsh yet infinitely more despondent broke it.

My heart already close to breaking, collapsed as, after a mournful pause, Bob’s seaker followed it up with: “Where? Where? Where?”