The return of the wood pigeon

Bill Hates Youuu is back. Less vitriolic than before. It feels like he’s just going through the motions; maybe because  he’s getting no response. The song birds aren’t giving him the solo. They’re carrying on, doing their thing. He’s having to compete for air time and this fact is affecting Bill Hates Youuu big time.

There are long periods of silence. Bursts of his invective. Sometimes cut off mid “bill”. It’s almost like his heart has gone out it; like he’s been paid to do a  job, and conscientious employee that he is, he’s seeing it through.

Bill obviously pays well. Or has some serious hold over this wood pigeon. It’s also only to clear that Bill really has beef with the recipient, given this is already two-day gig.

Given that Why Bill is silent, I can only assume he’s left town. I think I’m with Bill on this one.