Guess who’s back?

I haven’t heard Bill Hates Youuu for a long time. But the summer was a busy one and, what with the Autumn Term of the Apocalypse happening in reality rather than virtually, my times for hearing him have been limited.

But I took the dogs out for a quick wee wee walk, in the mud filled path way that I half expect to find hosting a bout of wrestling, and there he was.

Strangely, my heart soared to hear him.

(I’d had a fraught day; too long to go into. My nerves, frayed at more than the edges, demanded I repaired them without hinting at how that could be achieved.)

He didn’t call long. Dont blame him. It was cold, the sun was fading. But with his taunts came the peace of knowing that there’s continuity as well as change.

You just have to have to have the time to recognise it.