A Disappointment of Owls

Is released on the 3rd March. Set in the middle of Unkindness of Ravens, Symington is adjusting to life in Fournier Street. A chance encounter with Albert Shawcross – a solicitor with a sideline in illegal divorces – is just one of those things, until Shawcross winds up dead and local bobby Constable Dennison comes a knocking. After all, our eponymous hero was the last man to see the solicitor. Despite nearly everyone warning him to leave things well alone, Symington refuses to listen…

If you want to read about the 19th century illegal divorce circuit, child murder, and – of course – discover more about Symington and Emily’s relationship, then join the fun on the 3rd of March. Available to pre-order on Amazon UK just click here. For Amazon.com – click here

Thanks to the wonderful Kelly Lacey @lovebooksgroup for setting up the blog tour to coincide with the release. It’s been a blast working with you on the previous two tomes. Let’s hope this one is equally successful….