An Up and Down Year

I cannot say I will be sorry to see the back of this year. Quite the opposite. It cannot leave soon enough. Stuff personal, family and work, have kept me from my keyboard in a creative capacity. Live, online lessons are all very well and good but when your hobby is writing, it’s a bit of a bugger. Five hours a day in front of my beautiful machine is all very well and good when it’s for my own benefit and mental health, when it’s for the benefit of my students… it is not. It sapped my love of the keyboard, the creativity of my brain, the love of writing.

Slowly my love returns, and with it my creativity. Life as they say: adapts. Though there are times my brain is too slow to keep up.

Mark and Lucy’s adventures are having a bit of a revamp and should be out in 2022. Though only if I get Whitechapel to my wonderful proofreader before she comes after me with menaces.

Work will hopefully recommence on the Terrified Tailor. I left Emily recklessly driving one of Watkins favourite cars in an attempt to prevent murder. Let us hope when I go back to it, she’s not crashed the damned thing! I don’t like dealing with Watkins in a bad mood. He’s a worse sulk than Sampson. Still if that’s how the plot plays out, then that’s how it will be.

May I wish you all a very Happy New Year. May 2022 finally see an end to the lunacy