What Will 2020 2 Be?

A year of change. That is for certain. I’m not sure it’s all going to be for the good. Nor that all will bring happiness. But after last year, I’ve learned that happiness is in the small things. Like a lonely cat, finding friendship with a dog. Seeing my Mum and Dad at Christmas. Spending time playing with the neighbours little boy, as we celebrated a socially distanced outdoor chilli with the boatie neighbours, some of whom I’ve not seen since the last lockdown. It was a pleasant couple of hours.

Looking up, I can see the New Year flag from the Houdini hatch. It’s blowing strongly. Proudly one might say.

Pop along throughout the year, as I become more of a consistent chronicler of my life. If you’re interested in the changes, that is. If not, here’s the video of our Kleokatera with Eva.

Stay Safe in 2020 2