Weather station blues

Not really sure where to begin here. Dad has a weather station. He’s had it donkey’s years. He used to let Derek at BBC Wales Weather know what was going on, weather-wise, in Llandegla. As he’s got older all that stopped but he kept the weather station going.

Long suffering OH and I are trying to update his software to the new and exceptionally shiny – Cumulus MX. It was doing so well until we can’t get him a desktop icon and found that if he uses Edge as his browser he can’t see all his lovely dashboard graphs etc. How do I tell the nonagenarian that he’s going to have to use a better browser, when all his computer magazine rate Edge.


In an attempt to circumnavigate this, I’ve set him up a wordpress website – in the hope that FTP files created by his bright shiny weather station will automatically load there and he doesn’t have to contemplate a better browser. I don’t hold out much hope. I’m not used to FTP. Remember I’m a writer, a teacher, a crazy dog woman. I live on a boat for crying out loud.

Now, as I write this, OH tells me that the comms port and the plug in needed for said weather station to talk to the computer don’t like each other. There is much tutting from OH. His suffering is bare long today.

Give me intermittent blogging as a hobby any day, over this hell I’m currently living, to badly mangle Les Mis.

PS the selected photo of the slightly greying cloud – reflects the earlier weather and our mood.