Ode to Tired

Leave the hamlet of A Little Bit Tired and walk slowly till you reach the village of Tired. If the dog is available (and not called Tim Johnson) scratch ears and limp on towards the small town of Knackered.

Take rooms in the I’ll Be As Right As Rain Inn. In the morning head to the County Town of Exhausted. Eat at the You Want Food with Your Booze ? Cafe and rest up at That’s Me In The Corner B&B.

By the following morning make sure you’ve been lost on Exhausted’s Ring Road System and gone round it at least twice.

Take the exit for Beyond Exhausted. Turn Left (Dr Who fans will get this) and head for the cathedral city of Words Cannot Convey. Visit the city’s Two Cathedrals (West Wing Fans if you know, you know!) Rest up in the Sleep At Your Desk Wing

After a quick freshen up, arrive at your Final Destination. Film 25: Parent Sitting. Your room is the Waking Dead Suite. Your Waiter is Chucky. Your Bellboy is Freddie Krugar.

That is How tired I am…