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Holiday: 6

Just got back from London. Pink Floyd’s: Their mortal remains. Longer post tomorrow…

Holiday: 5

Today is going to be expensive. Zane, the van, is on for its first major service, and I am in a rainy Chelmsford until 5. I feel there will be much coffee consumed between now and then. I am also shopping for OH’s birthday present, which is tomorrow. I haven’t found him anything yet. But […]

July 25

Holiday: 4

Day 4’s micro post is supposed to be about my hairdo (which I like a lot, I may say). However, I’m using the beta version of WordPress for android to write said post. The beta version handles words brilliantly. It is not happy about uploading and saving photographs. I feel an email to WordPress coming […]

Holiday: 3

Yesterday was strange. In terms of selling things, it was miserable.  Still I have learned what I hope will be a valuable lesson. Time will tell.  In terms of catching up with old friends, it was amazing. Seeing people you’ve taught grow into wonderful human beings with lives and talents of their own, makes my […]

July 23

Holiday: 2

So far so good. Mind you, it is day 2 and even the worst kept resolutions last longer than two days. Currently in a car park awaiting the third ombres for today’s shameless selling at the Corringham Classic Car show. I shall post pictures on due course 

July 22

Holiday: 1

The 6 weeks is upon us … and yet again I have a simple set of goals by which to mark its arrival. Being that micro posts is one of them, I thought I’d share said goals. So here goes: 1) post a micro post a day  2) finish posting pics of the blue plaques […]

July 15

Symington Byrd 2… an update

Byrd’s latest mystery is proving a bit of a bugger. (Excuse my French). The corpses are piling up nicely. The murderer has motive and opportunity. Everybody who was at Hamblebee Hall (court, house – I’ll make my mind up by the end of the book) on the night of the murder is lying, and their […]