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Jan 06

My Favourite 6/1

What’s the most time you’ve spent apart from your favourite person, says the prompt. Ooh tough one thinks I. For favourite come and go. By the very nature of the beast, they fall in and out of favour, as your life changes and develops. You have – as the Beatles sang – “places you remember, […]

Mar 23

Blogging 101 Boot Camp – Commenting

Those of you who know these things will be aware that I’ve not been doing a lot of blogging recently. Actually who am I kidding? I’ve been doing NO blogging recently. So I decided I needed to do something about that. To “sort it!” as they say in Essex. So, I signed up for bootcamp […]

Jul 29

Daily Prompt: The State of My Year

This state of the Year Address has no solutions for the problems of the world economy, nor any profound insights for the creation of world peace. But it will be brief, in fact it is only 300 words. If you asked Rover, he’d tell you  (if he could be bovvered) that the answer lies in […]

Jul 23

Daily Prompt: Connection

I wanted to share a photo  of ‘Dog Dog and his teddy. If this isn’t a connection, I don’t know what is For other takes on this Daily prompt, click here

Jul 18

Daily Prompt: Transition

Saturday night – down the seafront at Southend.  It was only an hour earlier that I’d taken the photographs of the sunset on the A12. So as you can see it’s a real transition from day to night! For other takes on this daily prompt: click here Oh I do love to be beside the seaside. […]

Jun 22

Or to put it another way…Vote Macaulay The Dog

Originally posted on Kate Shrewsday:
I love this blog. If you haven’t voted for her, please take awhile to camp out in her world and vote… 🙂 Kate Shrewsday View original post

Jun 05

Daily Prompt: Forbidden

Forbidden – an unusual word. Forbidden – a locked door;  a building without windows. The more they don’t let you in, the more you want to see inside. And when I saw this building at the Ally Pally I wanted to go inside. Then I saw the word danger. I have a “thing” about the […]

Daily Prompt: Weaving the Threads

Feeding Time, here at HQ – what better describes sharing? For other takes on the daily prompt: click here

Daily Prompt: Journey

This is my take on today’s Daily Prompt. They were taken yesterday at Two Tree Island Essex as the tide came in…  For other ideas click here.

Daily Prompt: The Green Eyed (Alistair) Monster

Meet Alistair Gordon Lethbridge Stewart – or, as he is more commonly known at HQ – Rat. He’s a real green eyed monster. Not because of the colour of his eyes; he’s a Bombay- his eyes are golden. No, Alistair is a green eyed  because he’s so jealous. As you can see, from the bottom […]