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The unbearable Slowness of Sunday

Is the word for today. The Internet, computer, brain; all fail to meet expectation. My spyware scan is the worst. That’s beyond slow. Bordering on painful. Not even at the half way mark. A marathon walker would be quicker. Not sure how long it’s going to take. Still, what else is there to do? I […]


Head full of thoughts Tumbling, jumblingI stare as Heavy dog, resting his head On my foot, dreams. Twitching happily, Running free.I envy him. For me, sleep dances out of reach So I scroll through Facebook, twitter; play pokemon and candy crush In the witching hour Hoping to feel my eyes become heavier than a dreaming […]

Letter to my Earworm

Dear earworm Dont get me wrong, I love Pink Floyd but in the current climate do you really think “and the worms ate in to his brain” A suitable line for lockdown Love Me xx

Apr 22

Better times in the Apocalypse

The Internet works today Sighs from workers, cries from students Emails/assignments wiz their replies slow to materialise “I put the work up, honest Miss!” becomes the lockdown equivalent to: “The dog ate my homework!” “I left my bag on the… bus train plane bed” (Take your pick) My head works today full to the brim […]

Apr 21

A Most Frustrating Day

As a teacher I am used to things going wrong, a child’s pen exploding, the computer refusing to boot, the screen freezing: A bomb scare (on my first teaching prac, during my first observation). But none of that, not even sitting in the school’s old TB wing for bomb disposal to sound the all clear, […]

To Video Edit or not…

Teaching in the virtual world resumes on Monday and as you know I’ve been trying to find ways to get round the need to explain Macbeth to Year 10 without being in the same room, compromising GDPR and other such minefields. Thanks to a media savvy teaching friend of mine, I found a lovely piece […]

Apr 16

Thursday of the Apocalypse

Short post from me today. I need to break the back of the WIP if I am to complete the first draft by the time I return to the virtual classroom on Monday. So I shall leave you with this thought: you know you’ve been at home too long when you try to log on […]

Apr 15

Contemplating Macbeth and Othello

The last couple of days have been about getting my head around how I’m going to teach Macbeth, the play not the person, via the virtual world that is school during the apocalypse. The kind of kids I teach find Shakespeare a struggle at the best of times. He talks old fashioned, they add a […]

Apr 13

The things that obsessed me – Yesterday

I did not blog yesterday, not because I did not want to. I did. Not because I forgot. I did not. Every so often my brain reminded me, but because I’d got to the point in the WIP – current title The Terrified Tailor – where three things obsessed me. The first was a knife […]


Sometimes words are not enough. So here’s a picture of my view today