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Sword Swallowing

It’s strange what writing a book leads to. Today, I’ve begun research into the art of sword swallowing. I’m currently investigating Houdini’s assertions that a cage of sorts was swallowed first to protect the esophagus. Interesting stuff but not what I’m looking for. However, more importantly, I’ve learned how to spell “swallowing” and “esophagus”. Not […]

Aug 14

Lip Reading

Today’s research led me into the world of lip reading and an amazing puzzle created in 1914. Too late for my Emily to refer to, but useful for my purposes The photograph was taken just as each boy starts to pronounce his name. And yes, you can tell which boy is which – just by […]

Aug 13

Akouphones & Sign Language

…An early electric hearing aid to the rest of us, has been the focus of today’s research. Invented by Miller Reece Hutchinson in 1898, it used carbon transmitters to convert a weak electrical signal. It was bulky by all accounts – needing to be housed on a table – and thus cumbersome to transport. It […]

Of White Rabbits and Earworms

That’s been me this year, rushing here. Rushing there. I had such high hopes for successfully doing the post a day challenge. Yet here I am, over half way through the year and I haven’t posted since February. Still it’s been a busy 5 months. Second book with the publisher, third book underway. Boat life […]

Sleep 7/2

Has been an awkward bugger of late. Catching me in the chair, it lets me doze until bedtime. Then it lulls me into a false security til 1am, when it leaves. It has been doing that all week. To say that I am tired is an understatement. I am knackered. Bereft of life. Zombie walking […]

off piste 31/1

After the “fire” of yesterday’s post, I was supposed to be writing about  the things I had to leave behind, but as I live on a boat in a minimalist kind of life style, I didn’t think there was  lot of mileage in writing about pots and pans. So I’ve gone off piste. This post […]

Burning Down the House 30/1

The house is burning down. All humans and animals are safe. What would I take? 5 items. My laptop. It has the latest draft of the  work in progress, odds and sods for books as yet unwritten, and drafts of the others in their just before publication state.  Why? I’m with Gwendolyn from The Importance […]