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Dec 17


Am doing a.twitter Q&A session on my @Symington_Byrd  handle tomorrow,  18th Dec from 18:30 GMT. Feel free to ask a question or 2, or follow it on #QBYRD

Sep 15

Weekend Theme : Dance

When I saw Sidey’s challenge this weekend I thought: “Great! I can do this!” You see ‘dog Dog dances! Not like the bird who dances to Gangham Style that a friend posted on my FB timeline in the week; ‘Dog  doesn’t have that kind of rhythm. Actually, he doesn’t have any kind of rhythm. He’s […]

Aug 26

Weekend Theme: Secret Watcher

From the Diary of Lucy Pevensea Von Schmidt – Time Traveller – November the 8th 1949 I’m dressed up to the nines in a white evening dress I can’t begin to describe – except to say Greta Garbo would look better in it than I do. It’s backless and strapless and held up with will […]

Aug 16

Weekend Theme: Not a lot

Or what  I did on my Holidays… Remember the pack drill? Stand at the front and tell everybody what you did in the 6 weeks hols… So here goes… I didn’t do a lot on my holidays; I took some photographs of: For other takes on Sidey’s weekend theme, Not A Lot – click here

Aug 06

M.C. Escher – Stretching Reality (more thoughts)

I’ll be honest, I’d not done much thinking about this chap; apart from to admire his drawing and mathematical ability. But Kate Shrewsday’s post for Sidey’s Weekend Challenge on Structure got me thinking. You see Kate mentioned that Escher had left Italy when the Fascists tried to get his son to dress up in their […]

Aug 02

Weekly Photo Challenge: Foreshadow /Weekend Theme – Structure!

A simple structure of foreshadowing from me, which ( cheating though it is – completes two challenges) Taken at Walpole Bay, Margate, I’m sure you will all agree  number 1 is  a simple mundane, functional structure Thanks to Picasa the other two versions have created: mystery, excitement, possibilities. a word they “foreshadow” For other takes […]

Jul 21

Weekend Theme: Gasconade

They say teachers are a fount of stories.  I don’t know about a fount of stories… but I do have one. Let us call the child George ( and let it be said in a Joyce Grenfel kind of way.) If you don’t know what I mean, click the link! George was a master criminal. […]