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Holiday 28 & 29

There is a lot to commend Wales. It is a brilliant full of amazing scenery and friendly people. It recharges my batteries and allows me to write. The book is coming a pace; so much so that I am back at handwriting stage. It also has one huge failing. It’s internet provision is woeful. At […]


A post of pictures this is the current stage of construction Since taking these she has been spray foamed…

Holiday 27

Was a day of writing. Progress is slow but steady. Chapters 16 and 17 are sorted with a load of back filling sentences seeded into previous chapters. Aim today are chapters 18 – 20. Better get a wiggle on. Saturday was also a day with no internet access except via precarious wormholes. The rest of […]

Aug 20

Holiday 26

Was a day out to Rhyl I remember it fondly as a place wherr cars crawled in queues for miles to get into. Alas no more. Since the Sunlife Centre’s demise, the place was empty. Rolling sandy beaches devoid of life stretched for miles. There were seagulls and starlings and a few hardy tourists braving […]

Earworm Wars update

I left the wars with three candidates and went back to sleep. On waking it seemed they had all been thrown out in favour of a more confident entrant.

Earworm Wars …

It’s the battle of the sound bites and I have 3 worms battling for the number 1 spot. Earworm 1 Les Mis: “To love another person is to see the face of God” Earworm 2 Mama Mia: “A football fan, a family man, and your name is Harry” Earworm 3 War of the Worlds: “Life […]

Holiday: 25

Having arrived back from Prague, and after a stop for breakfast, we decided to head to see my parents in the land of Wales and appalling internet. BT have been promising them an upgrade since the end of June. Now mid August, it still hasn’t materialised. A list of never ending excuses falls into father’s […]