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Holiday: 24b

Boarding at Prague was interesting. A mix of chaos and order. Priority boarding existed but there was no lane cordoned off, leading to a lot of confusion and a situation resembling a bad scrum; or the first day of school The view from my window as we awaited take off was reminiscent of the scifi […]

Holiday: 23 & 24

Yesterday we went to visit the boat builders. It was quite clearly a macho culture, presenting a very heterosexual view of the world. Walls adorned with scantily clad ladies in interesting poses, and those who left even less to the imagination, who surely would catch their death of cold caught the eye immediately. It was […]

Holiday: 21 & 22

Windows decided to update earlier in the week. I now cannot access the internet from my computer. Livid is not the word for my reaction to this. Widowhood of Spiders is on the cloud. I can get to that from other devices but I prefer to type on the Pc. Less chance of erroneous full […]

Aug 12

Holiday: 20

Friday was a day for good news. OH finished his electrical job early and we headed to the city of London cemetery finding the graves, not only two of the first 3 policeman to be killed in the line of duty – Sgts Tucker and Bentley at Houndsditch – but also Dame Anna Neagle and […]

Holiday: 18 & 19

Got very wet walking. Found a hole in my shoe. Did some writing, the old fashioned way. 13 pages , which id love to type up – when windows ceases updating. Off today to find the two policeman killed in the siege of Sidney Street. Visited city cemetery many times but can’t find the memorial. […]

Holiday: 16

I spent yesterday writing and doing the washing.  Both successfully, though as is always the case with laundry, it seems to multiply overnight. I wonder if it does it deliberately? Strangely the overcast sky was condusive to both activities. I didn’t want to venture out, in case it rained; and I kept a more vigilant […]

Holiday: 15

The beer festival at the 3 Daws pub in Gravesend on Saturday was good. Both for the range and quality of the beers on offer and for the quality of the company.  It is always good to spend time with friends and catch up. The weather was reasonable. It did rain: splendidly. But fortunately it […]