From Here To Humanity


Welcome to the  (slightly) new look More Than a Cat. My name is Rover and I am a cat with dreams of conquest. I also write books under the nom de plume – Sarah E Smith. You may find us both on Twitter – if that floats your boat. Me @blofelds_cats, her  @symington_byrd.

I’ve decided to try and simplify things a bit with a static page for those of you landing from google (other search engines are available, I understand). Tbh, I’m not sure I like the idea of a static page for this blog, but hey – if you don’t give these things a try…

This blog is a mishmash of things – and one day may get organised.

Oooh Shiny

No you’re right; it’s not going to happen. I’m a cat.

On the bar at the top are links to my other blogs – one for all my serious writings; the other dedicated to my first trilogy – The Secret of Aldwych Strand.