More Wood Pigeon Saga

Bill Hates Youuu is back. To be fair he was around most of yesterday. I think he’s on a retainer However there’s a twist to the tale today. A new bird has entered the conversation with the question that’s been bugging me for days: “Bill Who?”

The return of the wood pigeon

Bill Hates Youuu is back. Less vitriolic than before. It feels like he’s just going through the motions; maybe because  he’s getting no response. The song birds aren’t giving him the solo. They’re carrying on, doing their thing. He’s having to compete for air time and this fact is affecting Bill Hates Youuu big time. […]


The dawn chorus is hard at it again this morning. Songbirds tweeting their joy as the sunrises over yet another day of this 2020 apocalypse. It’s the same every morning; except it isn’t. Yesterday was different. Over the top of the song birds ode to joy came a plaintive cry. “Bob!Bob!Bob!” I’d never heard it […]

My Arthur Dent Life

Since this Lockdown life began, like most people I have had good days and bad days. Days when the technology works, days when it does not. Hours of frustration, moments of amazing joy that I am still making a difference. In the old normal, Wednesday was the hump day. The one we all slogged our […]

Show me my photos

(This is a Google prompt inspired piece written by predictive text. Enjoy. Or not.) Happy New year and thanks for all the work you have done. I’m currently working on the project and I have just finished my PhD thesis with a couple of other locations. The first chapter is very often a little past […]

Jun 07

An open letter to my current WIP*

*work in progress Dear WIP First let me start by saying it is a pleasure to meet you. You have been a long time coming and at times I thought you’d never turn up. You have been a challenge and a joy and the bit you revealed of yourself today, although rough around the edges, […]

May 31

Sunday Earworm

My earworm is singing. It’s a bizarre Les Mis/Pink Floyd mash. Do you hear the people so ya think ya would like to be the son I might have had, if God had given me another brick in the wall I think my earworm needs help.

May 26

In a Time of Colossal..

My alter ego has been having a twitter conversation with a friend over the fallout from that press briefing and the one that followed yesterday. Eventually conversation turned to a discussion of leadership and elections. Wanting to avoid the usual suspects – Lloyd George and Churchill – I proffered Gladstone and Disraeli; Attlee and Salisbury, […]

Just When You Think The Apocalypse Can’t Get Any Stranger…

Dawn comes early. I sit here at 4am listening to the cuckoo heralding the start of a brand new day and I wonder what it will bring. Before I go any further, this is not a post about the rights and wrongs surrounding Dominic Cummings. It is a post reflecting on the reaction to a […]

An Unhelpful Wednesday Day

Ever had a day when try your best, the technology both human and machine deserts you? Today in the Apocalypse that happened. Not in the big ways but in small accumulations that cause groans of despair rather outright temper tantrums. Slow Internet began the day, or rather it ended the night before. I had a […]