An apocalyptical scream

“Work from home,” They said. “Teach via the virtual world,” They said. “Did anyone tell the Internet that?” I asked The silence stretched beyond imagination and reason.

To Video Edit or not…

Teaching in the virtual world resumes on Monday and as you know I’ve been trying to find ways to get round the need to explain Macbeth to Year 10 without being in the same room, compromising GDPR and other such minefields. Thanks to a media savvy teaching friend of mine, I found a lovely piece […]

Apr 16

Thursday of the Apocalypse

Short post from me today. I need to break the back of the WIP if I am to complete the first draft by the time I return to the virtual classroom on Monday. So I shall leave you with this thought: you know you’ve been at home too long when you try to log on […]

Apr 15

Contemplating Macbeth and Othello

The last couple of days have been about getting my head around how I’m going to teach Macbeth, the play not the person, via the virtual world that is school during the apocalypse. The kind of kids I teach find Shakespeare a struggle at the best of times. He talks old fashioned, they add a […]

Apr 13

The things that obsessed me – Yesterday

I did not blog yesterday, not because I did not want to. I did. Not because I forgot. I did not. Every so often my brain reminded me, but because I’d got to the point in the WIP – current title The Terrified Tailor – where three things obsessed me. The first was a knife […]


Sometimes words are not enough. So here’s a picture of my view today

Apr 10

Good Friday

It’s a bright sunny day on the marina. Birds are doing their thing and without the dirt track racing, a usual accompaniment to a weekend, these birds are loud. The sky is blue; faint wispy clouds prevent there being enough for a pair of sailor’s trousers. But it is a welcome sight. The marina is […]

Apr 09

William Melville Returns

Currently sitting in the inbox, or possibly now on the desktop of my poor publisher, is a copy of Symington Byrd’s third adventure. Set during Byrd’s sojourn in Fournier Street, its a tale of revenge. However, more importantly it sees the return of one of the historical figures from my time travel trilogy: William Melville. […]

Weeding Anniversary 2020

Before I continue with today’s post, I have a sadness to relate. Having finished my post yesterday, I bounded over to one of my favourite bloggers. Colonialist’s blog has been a guilty pleasure for more years than I care to recall. But with my malaise of writing came a dearth of reading and I had […]

Ringing in the Changes

When it comes to blogging, I’ve been remiss of late. I could put it down to many things: work – which has been busy; settling in on the boat; hubby’s cataract operation wait – which did indeed put us into a hiatus for a year. But these are just excuses. For awhile I will admit, […]