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Mar 16

Weekly Photo Challenge: One Love

I haven’t done this challenge for a while. Actually I haven’t been blogging for awhile. My excuse: life got in the way. The reality: life got in the way. But this seemed such an appropriate one to do. And here is the picture I have chosen… One day I might blog about the last few […]

Apr 27

Weekly Photo Challenge: Letter

In our house we have cats from A – Z This is Zorro. He is Rover’s right hand cat; his number two you might say Who is number 6? Oh come on! That would be telling, wouldn’t it Alistair?  

Dec 31

As the old year wanes – a cat’s view

This is Abbey Kat – an elder states’ cat. She can’t take the excitement, as you can see. I think I may need to rename her:  Eggs Benedict Abbey

Jul 01

Weekend Theme – Doing it right

Sidey’s challenges  don’t half make your brain work. Well I suppose if they didn’t, it wouldn’t be a challenge. Anyway, I was stumped. None of my ideas worked and I was of the opinion I was going to have to give up. I don’t like giving up; I call it tenacious. The OH calls it, […]

Jun 23

Weekend Theme: Is that supposed to be there?

This has been a tough challenge. My thinking cap has been on since reading Sidey’s posting… but as Saturday morning slipped into Saturday afternoon, I was still no nearer an answer. My train of thought naturally went down a Carry On line of innuendo: Sid James laughing; Frankie Howerd “titter yea notting”; and Fernella Fielding […]

Daily Prompt: Weaving the Threads

Feeding Time, here at HQ – what better describes sharing? For other takes on the daily prompt: click here

Weekly Photo Challenge: In The Background

Staring out of my bedroom window one May evening, I happened to catch sight of this… Over the space of five minutes, I tried to get closer to the action… Good job Rover hasn’t seen this… I get the feeling  heads would have rolled! For other takes on the weekly photo challenge: In the Background […]

Weekly Photo Challenge: Culture

Because it isn’t Black or White… These two have been close ever since Zorro found kittenish comfort  from the big, large, black thing that’s not quite cat.To give him his due, ‘Dog takes it in his stride. And – providing the claws aren’t too long – he’s happy to be paddled by the small, black […]

Weekly Photo Challenge: A Day in My (cat’s) Life

It’s a tough life being a cat! Predictable – but tough. It needs no explanation. It’s a cat thing.

“The Nose of Zorro.” Weekly Photo Challenge – Lost in Detail

Anyone who knows cats  knows –  if they don’t want you to take a photograph of them; it isn’t going to happen. It’s also impressive because it’s a photograph of the illusive Zorro…  a cat who can vanish in plain view. The Close Up The Original