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Weekly Photo Challenge: A Day in My (cat’s) Life

It’s a tough life being a cat! Predictable – but tough. It needs no explanation. It’s a cat thing.

Three am in the Morning and other ramblings

7am on the last Saturday of the Holidays! I’ve been awake since 3am in that dozing, half existence of: “ooh I’ll just listen to one more item on the World Service…. Wow is that the time?… Dog… husband… cats – WHOEVER YOU ARE…. (and you know who you are)  STOP SNORING, God-dammit! Rover had posted […]

Building the Dream

My father has always wanted a telescope. And with an 80th Birthday coming up, it seemed this was the ideal time to fulfill his dream. With help from friends on Twitter, a suitable entry level ‘scope was sourced and sent up to Wales. Presented to him on Christmas morning, it sat dutifully in its box […]