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Mar 13

Earworm again

For weeks my earworm has been mumbling incoherently to a orchestral refrain I can’t place. I’m wondering if it’s a ring tune. It sounded like dumb dumb dairry /dumb dumb dairry /dumb dumb dairry daaaaha The fog has lifted on the lyrics. Apparently they are: Tons of berries Tons of berries Tons of berriesTa! Better […]

May 31

Sunday Earworm

My earworm is singing. It’s a bizarre Les Mis/Pink Floyd mash. Do you hear the people so ya think ya would like to be the son I might have had, if God had given me another brick in the wall I think my earworm needs help.

Letter to my Earworm

Dear earworm Dont get me wrong, I love Pink Floyd but in the current climate do you really think “and the worms ate in to his brain” A suitable line for lockdown Love Me xx

Nov 28

Dear Earworm

Please don’t get me wrong. I quite like the songs from the musical On A Clear Day You Can See Forever.’ But surely after a month, you’re as tired of Barbara Streisand as I am?

Lying Earworm

Dear Earworm, Not only is your current obsession not a song; it’s also factually incorrect. There IS such a thing as a Gruffalo. So cease and desist immediately. That is all Sarah

Earworm Wars update

I left the wars with three candidates and went back to sleep. On waking it seemed they had all been thrown out in favour of a more confident entrant.

Earworm Wars …

It’s the battle of the sound bites and I have 3 worms battling for the number 1 spot. Earworm 1 Les Mis: “To love another person is to see the face of God” Earworm 2 Mama Mia: “A football fan, a family man, and your name is Harry” Earworm 3 War of the Worlds: “Life […]

Ear worm update

I would like to report my delight at discovering  my Prisoner loving earworm has packed its bags and moved out.  I would like to.  I can’t.  For while the new incumbent might not play accompanying video; it’s just as bizarre in its choice of playlist. You see the earworm’s fixated on  “I want to go […]

I am not a number…

My Earworm has – even for an earworm – a strange taste in music.  He likes big numbers with lots of instruments playing all at once. In the past he’s featured Les Mis, La Cage aux Folles, and War of the Worlds. In quieter moments he’s been known to do a medley of Gilbert and […]

Daily Prompt: Earworms of Your Mind

An earworm is a curious creature; I have the sneakin’ suspicion there’s no fathoming them – or their musical taste. Currently mine is obsessed with Bing Crosby and Frank Sinatra – most embarrassing when the kids in your class regard anything in the charts last year as: “well old” and “past it!” But what is […]