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Oct 27

Another Interview – The podcast

As always a trip to the studios of Phoenix FM (a community radio station) based in Brentwood was fun. Scott, who’d interviewed me at Easter, had invited me back to talk about the second book in the Aldwych Strand Trilogy. This time – taking me as a seasoned interviewee – he threw some curve ball […]

Jul 29

Daily Prompt: The State of My Year

This state of the Year Address has no solutions for the problems of the world economy, nor any profound insights for the creation of world peace. But it will be brief, in fact it is only 300 words. If you asked Rover, he’d tell you  (if he could be bovvered) that the answer lies in […]

Jul 12

Weekend Theme: Characters for an epic tale

In the past few months, as the stress of the real world warred for dominance and control of  my brain – sparking creativity in a way I never dreamed possible – I realised that my (fleeting) childhood dream of being  a Necromancer has come true. Let me explain… I have always loved History. It is […]

Jul 08

Weekend Theme: Rainbow

After Every Storm Comes a Rainbow A couple of weeks ago you heard from my mate Lucy and because I know she’s a stickler for explaining it all… I shall take it for granted you know what’s what! And if you don’t? Well it ain’t my job to tell you… what I am going to […]

editing help needed

So, I’m sitting here facing 40.000 words. It’s taken four months to reach this milestone. I’ve gone through the mass of emotions – as stated earlier this week,  And now – if I’m honest – I’m stuck. This weekend will be the first time I will read Mark and Lucy’s adventures in one hit.  But […]

When Fiction becomes Stranger than Life….

It’s very bizarre! I  started writing “The Secret of Aldwych Strand” as a bit of light relief. It’s got away from me. What was intended to be little more than a tale of two Essex teenagers exploring London at the turn of the 20th Century has turned into an alternate universe tale – after they […]