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Jul 30

Insight: Life at HQ

It’s a well known fact that in a multi- cat household one cat must always be awake at ALL times. Here at HQ, this rule is is strictly adhered to (as you can see.) Rover would not have it any other way. And I won’t tell him if you don’t 🙂

Jul 23

Daily Prompt: Connection

I wanted to share a photo  of ‘Dog Dog and his teddy. If this isn’t a connection, I don’t know what is For other takes on this Daily prompt, click here

Jun 16

Weekly Photo Challenge: Curves

Looking for something curvy… I happened upon my sour dough starter bubbling away in the kitchen and saw these. I liked the curvy bubble in the middle, so went in for a closer look, which is when I saw that it was more of a star than a curve. Still stars can be curvy too […]

Jun 10

Iphonography: Macro… A rose by any other name?

Some things need no reason to be shared. They are just beautiful:

Jun 05

Daily Prompt: Forbidden

Forbidden – an unusual word. Forbidden – a locked door;  a building without windows. The more they don’t let you in, the more you want to see inside. And when I saw this building at the Ally Pally I wanted to go inside. Then I saw the word danger. I have a “thing” about the […]

Weekly Photo Challenge: Escape

These photos were taken at Alexandra Palace, Muswell Hill, on Saturday… I was thinking about how the Ally Pally had been an internment camp during WW1, and from there my brain went to the photo challenge: escape. I can’t help but think of locked areas; chain link fences and barbed wire.  Would there be any […]

Scarecrows of Mine

These guys  have been intriguing me for the last couple of months. Everyday – to and from work – they’ve caught my eye. Either because they’ve been standing to attention, or because they have been running. I know they are the latest in a long line of scarecrows – first recorded in  English literature in […]

Weekly Photo Challenge: Culture

Because it isn’t Black or White… These two have been close ever since Zorro found kittenish comfort  from the big, large, black thing that’s not quite cat.To give him his due, ‘Dog takes it in his stride. And – providing the claws aren’t too long – he’s happy to be paddled by the small, black […]

Weekly photo challenge: Change (clouds)

  This is the first time I’ve put a second posting up on the same Weekly photo challenge! But when I saw the  sky last night (as I sat in traffic) the Judy Collins song: “Both Sides Now”  sprang to mind.  What caught me most was the – line: “I’ve looked at clouds from both […]

Obvious Places for Owls 3 – Bingo