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Jul 23

Daily Prompt: Connection

I wanted to share a photo  of ‘Dog Dog and his teddy. If this isn’t a connection, I don’t know what is For other takes on this Daily prompt, click here

Jul 19

Weekly Photo Challenge: Fresh

You can tell it’s hot in the South East of England. What gives it away? I just can’t guess 😉 For other takes on the challenge click here

Weekly Photo Challenge: Culture

Because it isn’t Black or White… These two have been close ever since Zorro found kittenish comfort  from the big, large, black thing that’s not quite cat.To give him his due, ‘Dog takes it in his stride. And – providing the claws aren’t too long – he’s happy to be paddled by the small, black […]

Dog Day Walks

Now don’t get me wrong, Clywedog-Dog enjoys his usual perambulations,  but there are times when the daily constitutional is not enough. Let me explain: the daily constitutional involves pavements and lamp posts; hedges and fences; driveways and gutters. Sometimes ‘Dog might meet another dog… there’s no guarantee. Still there comes a time in any dog’s […]

Three am in the Morning and other ramblings

7am on the last Saturday of the Holidays! I’ve been awake since 3am in that dozing, half existence of: “ooh I’ll just listen to one more item on the World Service…. Wow is that the time?… Dog… husband… cats – WHOEVER YOU ARE…. (and you know who you are)  STOP SNORING, God-dammit! Rover had posted […]

Half Way Up The Stairs

Clywedog -Dog  is getting old. The arthritis is  setting in, his beard is getting white and in true Labrador fashion, he getting very lumpy and bumpy. In February he will be 12. He has one love in life – above being warm and sleeping on beds, sofas and generally breaking the rules –  and that […]