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Apr 20

Weekly Photo Challenge: On Top

These two guys live next to the Walpole Bay Hotel in Margate. The hotel is a living museum; and is  a very different experience – especially if you’re used to modern hotels. Friends of mine had their wedding there; my “Outlaws” go there a couple of times a year. It does a mean Sunday Lunch […]

Aug 02

Weekly Photo Challenge: Foreshadow /Weekend Theme – Structure!

A simple structure of foreshadowing from me, which ( cheating though it is – completes two challenges) Taken at Walpole Bay, Margate, I’m sure you will all agree  number 1 is  a simple mundane, functional structure Thanks to Picasa the other two versions have created: mystery, excitement, possibilities. a word they “foreshadow” For other takes […]

Jul 26

Weekly Photo Challenge: Masterpiece

This week’s entry from me, qualifies on two counts – one it was taken in Margate – stomping ground of Turner; and secondly? I think it looks like a painting. It isn’t. Neither was it photoshopped. The effect was caused by the fog. For other takes on the challenge click here