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Letter to my Earworm

Dear earworm Dont get me wrong, I love Pink Floyd but in the current climate do you really think “and the worms ate in to his brain” A suitable line for lockdown Love Me xx

Nov 28

Dear Earworm

Please don’t get me wrong. I quite like the songs from the musical On A Clear Day You Can See Forever.’ But surely after a month, you’re as tired of Barbara Streisand as I am?

Earworm Wars update

I left the wars with three candidates and went back to sleep. On waking it seemed they had all been thrown out in favour of a more confident entrant.

Ear worm update

I would like to report my delight at discovering  my Prisoner loving earworm has packed its bags and moved out.  I would like to.  I can’t.  For while the new incumbent might not play accompanying video; it’s just as bizarre in its choice of playlist. You see the earworm’s fixated on  “I want to go […]

Daily Prompt: Earworms of Your Mind

An earworm is a curious creature; I have the sneakin’ suspicion there’s no fathoming them – or their musical taste. Currently mine is obsessed with Bing Crosby and Frank Sinatra – most embarrassing when the kids in your class regard anything in the charts last year as: “well old” and “past it!” But what is […]