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Sunshine and the Seaside – The Ultimate Oxymoron?

When Sidey posted the challenge of sunshine – I thought it was going to be a tough call – especially since we’ve had such an appalling spring. Hence the title.  As always, I was pleasantly suprised. OH and I took a trip down the seafront at Shoeburyness. Here’s a small collection of our findings, including […]

The Bleriot Monument and other Muses

I’ve been stalled in the writing of my final set of chapters. I knew what I wanted to happen. I knew where I wanted it to happen, and I’d looked at the photos of Bleriot’s landing site at Dover Castle, but somehow, I couldn’t get it right. Every time I tried to put pen to […]

Obvious Places for Owls 2

This one speaks for itself!

Obvious Places for Owls 1

I bought this handbag in Leeds in the summer. It’s a bit of fun and a lot of people remark on it. It’s a hand bag I’ve become exceptionally fond  of; it suits my whimsy. During  last month’s half term, we went to our favourite restaurant in London. It was a cold day; snow threatened […]