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Jun 23

Weekend Theme: Is that supposed to be there?

This has been a tough challenge. My thinking cap has been on since reading Sidey’s posting… but as Saturday morning slipped into Saturday afternoon, I was still no nearer an answer. My train of thought naturally went down a Carry On line of innuendo: Sid James laughing; Frankie Howerd “titter yea notting”; and Fernella Fielding […]

Jun 22

Weekly Photo Challenge: The World Through My Eyes

Sour Dough Bread: I love the weekend. It gives me a chance to use my sour dough starter. By Friday  night  – having been fed for a week – it’s  bursting at the seams. It’s an interesting way to view the world – making bread – it’s such a natural process. And it won’t be […]

Weekly Photo Challenge: UP!

 Today we went to Hyde Hall, Essex – one of the gardens belonging to the Royal Horticultural Society. Our plan was a wander around the grounds and  have a bit of a picnic. The weather had an edge to it; you needed a cardigan. But otherwise, it was gorgeous! As usual, I was looking for […]

Weekly photo challenge: Change (clouds)

  This is the first time I’ve put a second posting up on the same Weekly photo challenge! But when I saw the  sky last night (as I sat in traffic) the Judy Collins song: “Both Sides Now”  sprang to mind.  What caught me most was the – line: “I’ve looked at clouds from both […]

Gnoming Around the World

I needed to share this photo, captured on one of our adventures this holiday. We were at Upminster Station; so was this “Undercover Gnome.” Given the fashion for snapping Gnomes on holiday,  this incognito attire makes sense and I reckon this chap was just looking for a bit of peace and quiet and some “Gnome” […]

Photo -you can’t see me. right?

Meet Zorro – he’s the master of disguise