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Dec 09

Weekly Photo Challenge Grand

Snapped today, on my way home from work. For more takes on the challenge, click here  

Oct 12

Weekly Photo Challenge – Infinite

London is a city of infinite possibilities.. Some of them ancient, some of them modern. Take this complex – near Fenchurch Street Station, revealed for a few months only… I love the back of this building. I love the way there is so much happening that I never see the same thing twice. I love […]

Sep 15

Weekly Photo Challenge: Inside (Leytonstone Underground)

Inside Leytonstone Underground station is a series of mosaics celebrating the films of its most famous son (and one of him as a young boy outside the family shop.)  I won’t insult your intelligence by labelling them. What I will say, is that for those interested in such things, one of the films depicted in […]

Sep 08

Weekly Photo Challenge: An Unusual POV

This is the London you don’t always see. Enjoy… For other takes on the challenge click here

Aug 22


I’ve been wanting to do this post for ages. But a good fence is hard to find… I thought I’d share these with you though…

Aug 21

Churchill’s and Lloyd George’s Graves – a few thoughts…

On the last day of the holiday, we went to Blenheim; this time to “do the indoors.”  Why? Well because  In 1949, Lucy (of The End of the Pier fame) finds herself there. I’m not telling what the reason for her visit was – that would be telling; and until we were back on the […]

Weekly Photo Challenge: Carefree

Most of us worry about eating too much chocolate. Not this chap. Talk about carefree!!! Captured on Llandudno pier. For other takes on this challenge, click here

Aug 09

Weekly Photo Challenge: 1 shot 2 ways

Choosing which two of these three photos to use was impossible. They both are of the same thing. The two in focus are from different angles; the out of focus shot, throws the others into sharp relief. So I’m afraid, I leave the choice to you… For other takes on this theme – click here.

Aug 02

Weekly Photo Challenge: Foreshadow /Weekend Theme – Structure!

A simple structure of foreshadowing from me, which ( cheating though it is – completes two challenges) Taken at Walpole Bay, Margate, I’m sure you will all agree  number 1 is  a simple mundane, functional structure Thanks to Picasa the other two versions have created: mystery, excitement, possibilities. a word they “foreshadow” For other takes […]

Aug 01

Southend: Death of a building!

They’re tearing down a building in Southend. It’s quite a big one; it housed the Taylor Centre and other Health Services and underneath there was a car-park. It was not a great building in life, but in death it’s really got something going for it…