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Apr 22

Better times in the Apocalypse

The Internet works today Sighs from workers, cries from students Emails/assignments wiz their replies slow to materialise “I put the work up, honest Miss!” becomes the lockdown equivalent to: “The dog ate my homework!” “I left my bag on the… bus train plane bed” (Take your pick) My head works today full to the brim […]

This is Your Life 11/1

Would I like to read the story of my life? it asked. And if I would, would I, could I, dare I…read it cover to cover? Initially, fear of all I’d loosen held me back. But then, today, I had some news. Chats with a cousin, colleagues. mother, made me see things differently. Made me […]

Henry Vaughan – This Writer’s Latest Muse…

Henry Vaughan – twin brother to Thomas, the Philosopher and Alchemist – was born in Newton upon Usk, Breconshire, Wales, in 1621. He went to Oxford with his brother (we think) but left to study Law in London. Unfortunately, this career choice was interrupted by the outbreak of Civil War in 1641. Briefly on the […]