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Aug 21

Churchill’s and Lloyd George’s Graves – a few thoughts…

On the last day of the holiday, we went to Blenheim; this time to “do the indoors.”  Why? Well because  In 1949, Lucy (of The End of the Pier fame) finds herself there. I’m not telling what the reason for her visit was – that would be telling; and until we were back on the […]

“Women who seek to be equal with men lack ambition” ― Timothy Leary

(images for reference only and from Google images unless otherwise stated) Currently out there in the real world, I’m writing some “stuff” for year 11. This “stuff” is a sheet explaining attitudes to women in Elizabethan times. This is because we are looking at Romeo and Juliet,  trying to get our heads around  why Capulet […]

Churchill and Redundancy…

Winston Churchill – was moved from his Job as Home Secretary to First Lord of the Admiralty at the end of 1911. A fact I have completely ignored when writing my other blog. He needed to remain at the Home Office  to move the story along. I did wonder whether anyone out there  would notice […]

The Loss of the SS Calvados 1913

On 1st March 1913, whilst crossing the Sea of Marmara in  a blizzard, the SS Calvados floundered and sank.  Reports filtering back to England suggested that the ship hit a reef  off the Island off St Andre and sunk quickly. The Calvados was carrying 200 passengers  and 14 crew and initial reports, suggested that all […]

Fixed Points in Time?

For those of you following my other blog  – The Secret of Aldwych Strand – you will already know that I have a bit of a love affair with History. In chapter 13 Lucy tells David Lloyd George – the creator of the British Welfare State – that Winston Churchill is a fixed point in […]