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Aug 17

Woodham Mortimer: an awful lot of history

If you are traveling along the A414 to Malden you will go through Woodham Mortimer and you will pass this view. Blink – of course – and you will miss it. On the left of the road there is a church and a house with a blue plaque. To the right there is  what appears […]

Weekly Photo Challenge: Habit

We take our washing Machine for granted, don’t we? It’s a habit. And then, when you least expect it,  this happens

Jul 14

Weekly Photo Challenge: Golden Hour

I had another idea for this challenge and then, on the way home last night on the A12, we witnessed this…. For other takes on this challenge click here

Weekend Theme: Down the Rabbit Hole

I’ve never been down a rabbit hole. Well it’s more of a “dog thing” than a “human thing”. Consequently, Sidey’s invitation to post didn’t strike me as one I was in any position to engage with. But I do know a girl who is currently facing a bit of a conundrum… So if you’ll forgive […]

I Was Only Following Orders…

(hover over for picture provenance) In my other blog “things” are not going well for Mark and Lucy; stranded as they are in Nazi occupied Britain. I am pretty sure that if questions could be asked of my characters, one of them would declare: “But I was only following orders!” Which is, of course, the […]

Weekly Photo Challenge: In The Background

Staring out of my bedroom window one May evening, I happened to catch sight of this… Over the space of five minutes, I tried to get closer to the action… Good job Rover hasn’t seen this… I get the feeling  heads would have rolled! For other takes on the weekly photo challenge: In the Background […]

Weekly Photo Challenge: Escape

These photos were taken at Alexandra Palace, Muswell Hill, on Saturday… I was thinking about how the Ally Pally had been an internment camp during WW1, and from there my brain went to the photo challenge: escape. I can’t help but think of locked areas; chain link fences and barbed wire.  Would there be any […]

Weekly Photo Challenge: Pattern

Meet Cleo, she’s a silver tabby. Her mother was a feral. She spent her entire pregnancy up the chimney (long story) Cleo knows she’s beautiful – she’s also illusive. It’s taken a long, long time to get these photographs…

Enter the Spy 2: Walter Nicolai – Intelligence Chief

Those of you following the adventures of Lucy and Mark on my other blog will know that as the Armstrong Affair drew to a close in 1913; and all eyes turned to the events at Dover Castle  – a new historical figure entered the fray Walter Nicolai, Head of German Military Intelligence. (1st picture) Standing […]

Weekly Photo Challenge: Change

To be honest, I wasn’t sure I was going to be able to take part in this week’s challenge. Looking around at other entries , they’d all been done so much better than I could  even begin to attempt with my Iphone.  In fact, when I snapped this; it was just going to be a […]