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Weekly Photo Challenge: Pattern

Meet Cleo, she’s a silver tabby. Her mother was a feral. She spent her entire pregnancy up the chimney (long story) Cleo knows she’s beautiful – she’s also illusive. It’s taken a long, long time to get these photographs…

Enter the Spy 2: Walter Nicolai – Intelligence Chief

Those of you following the adventures of Lucy and Mark on my other blog will know that as the Armstrong Affair drew to a close in 1913; and all eyes turned to the events at Dover Castle  – a new historical figure entered the fray Walter Nicolai, Head of German Military Intelligence. (1st picture) Standing […]

Weekly Photo Challenge: Change

To be honest, I wasn’t sure I was going to be able to take part in this week’s challenge. Looking around at other entries , they’d all been done so much better than I could  even begin to attempt with my Iphone.  In fact, when I snapped this; it was just going to be a […]

Gnoming Around the World

I needed to share this photo, captured on one of our adventures this holiday. We were at Upminster Station; so was this “Undercover Gnome.” Given the fashion for snapping Gnomes on holiday,  this incognito attire makes sense and I reckon this chap was just looking for a bit of peace and quiet and some “Gnome” […]

St George, the Dragon and an Elephant

OH and I went to Amsterdam yesterday. Day trip: we flew from Southend.  It’s definitely a doo-able day trip; if you know where you want to go; what you want to do; or you’re up for an amble. After all, at under an hour away (as the plane flies)  + a fifteen minute train trip […]

Weekly Photo Challenge: Colour

We found these two plants on our Bleriot Trip.  They just go to show how different many different greens there are in the world, and how well they frame other colours… The first plant was spotted as we walked back to the car park. It was so stunning, I just had to snap this lichen; […]

Weekly Photo Challenge: A Day in My (cat’s) Life

It’s a tough life being a cat! Predictable – but tough. It needs no explanation. It’s a cat thing.