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Mar 25


The hardest bit about being an author is not writing the books or getting them published.  It is getting them out to a wider audience. Hence, I am at Leigh Community Centre today doing a bit of shameless publicity… 

Feb 28

Cee’s which way photo challenge (week 9)

This was taken in Southend, and is one of our pedestrian subways.

Weekly photo challenge: Shine

Took this photograph with my samsung s6, last Sunday  evening walking through our local park. For more takes on this challenge, click:  Shine

Aug 11

Weekly photo challenge: Texture

These images were captured today off Southend Pier. The texture of the day is courtesy of Hurricane  Bertha!   For further takes on this challenge click here

Jun 22

weekly Photo Challenge: Between

I took this photo last year as they destroyed the Taylor Centre in Southend.  I wanted to capture the last few moments of an iconic part of  Southend’s architecture. For those of you not from Southend the Taylor Centre was a multi- agency NHS centre, with a vile smelling multi-storey car park underneath. But as […]

Aug 01

Southend: Death of a building!

They’re tearing down a building in Southend. It’s quite a big one; it housed the Taylor Centre and other Health Services and underneath there was a car-park. It was not a great building in life, but in death it’s really got something going for it…

Jul 31

The Secret Of Aldwych Strand: – Where it all started

Originally posted on The Secret of Aldwych Strand:
These are the shots Lucy was after the day she persuaded her BF Mark to help her with a school history project. Like me, Lucy knew that simply re-hashing the history of the pier would not nail her the A*. After all, everyone knows: It started life…

Jul 18

Daily Prompt: Transition

Saturday night – down the seafront at Southend.  It was only an hour earlier that I’d taken the photographs of the sunset on the A12. So as you can see it’s a real transition from day to night! For other takes on this daily prompt: click here Oh I do love to be beside the seaside. […]

Daily Prompt: Journey

This is my take on today’s Daily Prompt. They were taken yesterday at Two Tree Island Essex as the tide came in…  For other ideas click here.

Sunshine and the Seaside – The Ultimate Oxymoron?

When Sidey posted the challenge of sunshine – I thought it was going to be a tough call – especially since we’ve had such an appalling spring. Hence the title.  As always, I was pleasantly suprised. OH and I took a trip down the seafront at Shoeburyness. Here’s a small collection of our findings, including […]