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Nov 09

Annual Wash your Toy Dog Day – Day 2

It’s a long process – drip drying.  

Nov 08

Annual wash your Cuddly Toy Dog Day

In our house, it’s annual wash your cuddly toy dog day. The toy dog in question is Lankey. He’s 45. Some would say we should let it be. He’s made of fabric; his ears need changing. And despite a restuffing earlier in the year, another one is required – post haste. This is why he […]

Jun 29

Weekly Photo Challenge: Companion(able)

Meet Lankey. From Guest of Honour at my wedding, to kidnap victim – when my car was stolen in Oxford – Lankey has been my boon companion and confident for more years than I care to remember. A present from my Auntie Ann when I was in the cradle, this small orange toy dog has […]