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Dec 04

Weekly Photo Challenge: Relax

When you need a massage, there’s nothing like one from your bestie 🙂 for more takes on this week’s challenge click here

Oct 04

Weekly Photo Challenge: Signs

I’m not of a literal mind as you know; but this is such a classic sign that I felt compelled to share it 🙂   for other takes on this challenge  click here

Aug 20

Weekly Photo Challenge: Silhouette

I’m not sure if these really qualify as silhouettes. They were taken  from Riverside studios across to Hammersmith Bridge at about 10.30pm.       For other takes on this challenge click here

Jul 16

Weekly Photo Challenge: Relic

The Tour de France came to Essex on the 7th July 2014. It brought with it: spectacle, elite athletes; speed; precision machinery,  and – for some of us –  a day off work. Within 24 hours it was gone – nothing but memories and a sense of I was there. Or so I thought  until […]

Weekly Photo Challenge: In The Background

Staring out of my bedroom window one May evening, I happened to catch sight of this… Over the space of five minutes, I tried to get closer to the action… Good job Rover hasn’t seen this… I get the feeling  heads would have rolled! For other takes on the weekly photo challenge: In the Background […]

Weekly Photo Challenge: Colour

We found these two plants on our Bleriot Trip.  They just go to show how different many different greens there are in the world, and how well they frame other colours… The first plant was spotted as we walked back to the car park. It was so stunning, I just had to snap this lichen; […]

“The Nose of Zorro.” Weekly Photo Challenge – Lost in Detail

Anyone who knows cats  knows –  if they don’t want you to take a photograph of them; it isn’t going to happen. It’s also impressive because it’s a photograph of the illusive Zorro…  a cat who can vanish in plain view. The Close Up The Original