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What has Lucy got herself into this time?

Originally posted on The Secret of Aldwych Strand:
“– although all the men you meet in this time zone will lie to you, only Mark will betray you.” *** The 1949 Affair is here – out on kindle ahead of its paperback release Monday… ? Mark was hoping to go home. Not that home was…

Sep 15

Weekly Photo Challenge: Inside (Leytonstone Underground)

Inside Leytonstone Underground station is a series of mosaics celebrating the films of its most famous son (and one of him as a young boy outside the family shop.)  I won’t insult your intelligence by labelling them. What I will say, is that for those interested in such things, one of the films depicted in […]

Jul 29

Daily Prompt: The State of My Year

This state of the Year Address has no solutions for the problems of the world economy, nor any profound insights for the creation of world peace. But it will be brief, in fact it is only 300 words. If you asked Rover, he’d tell you  (if he could be bovvered) that the answer lies in […]