Daily Prompt: The State of My Year

This state of the Year Address has no solutions for the problems of the world economy, nor any profound insights for the creation of world peace. But it will be brief, in fact it is only 300 words.

If you asked Rover, he’d tell you  (if he could be bovvered) that the answer lies in giving all power to the cats. I’m not sure the other cats here at HQ would agree.

In the real world, that exists outside the confines of WordPress World, my year has been busy. To counteract the monotony of my book cover6commute and the joys and tribulations of promotion (albeit temporary,) I took to writing, a short story about two Canvey teenagers during their half term holiday. 100 words became a thousand; and at last count was a tad under 56,000 and rising.

Last night I pressed the publish button: and the first book of  the Aldwych Strand Saga (at 166 pages approx) found its way on to Amazon.

A big brave step, launching Lucy and Mark on an unsuspecting world, but it had to be done.They want the next instalment of their story told, and I was dragging my feet – using the pretence of rewrites to put off writing about their adventures in Nazi occupied Britain in 1949.

But I’ve not just been busy in the alternative world of Aldwych Strand. It’s been all go here on morethanacat too. At the time of writing – this blog has had 1999 views; 572 likes, 66 followers, and 266 pieces of conversation.

Additionally, I have discovered some amazingly talented people out there, (whose blogs I follow) and made some good friends, and received some useful and very constructive feedback along the way.

So there you have it… the State of My Year in under 300 words!

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