Burning Down the House 30/1

The house is burning down. All humans and animals are safe. What would I take? 5 items.

  1. My laptop. It has the latest draft of the  work in progress, odds and sods for books as yet unwritten, and drafts of the others in their just before publication state.  Why? I’m with Gwendolyn from The Importance of Being Ernest: one should always have something sensational to read on the train.
  2.  my external harddrive – for the same reason. Even though copies are also on the cloud – I’m a belt and braces kind of girl. Sorry about that.
  3.  My bottles of Angel and Alien perfumes. I love their scent. I also got the last bottles duty free – so they were a bargain and my nana always told me to keep an eye out for bargains.
  4.  My coffee machine and its pods, so I can plug it in at the hotel and avoid the instant stuff in the tea/coffee station thing, as I’m pretty sure the insurance company won’t put me up in a swanky hotel with a proper coffee machine in every room.
  5. and last but not least, Lankey. My cuddly toy. See previous posts on the subject.


Mind you, if I could only take two? It’d be  numbers 1 & 5, because they are irreplaceable.